Lisa Pollard - Biography



1999-2001 Degree of Bachelor of Education

Griffith University



1987-1989 Diploma of Teaching (Primary)

Queensland University of Technology





2003  Certificate IV in Yoga Teacher Training (9 month full-time course) Louisa Sear (Director), Constantine Georgoussis, Glenn Ceresoli, Lance Schuler, Dr Arne Rubinstein, Rose Baudin, Libbie Nelson, Kathryn Riding, Colleen de Winton

(Nationally Accredited Course, Course Code 15299)

Ashtanga Yoga, Iyenga Yoga, Dynamic Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Anatomy & Physiology Yoga Therapy, Nutrition, Injury Prevention, Yoga Philosophy & Self Inquiry

Yoga Arts, Byron Bay


2005  500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

(Yoga Teachers Association of Australia - Recognized Teacher Training  Course)  Jean Campbell, Ashtanga Yoga Studio, Newcastle Anatomy & Physiology, Ayurveda, Sequencing, Yoga Philosophy & Yoga Therapy


2007  Mindfulness- based Stillness Meditation Program

Week Residential Teacher Training – To Teach  8 Wk Program- Certificate of Endorsement

Dr Ian Gawler (Ongoing annual training)

The Gawler Foundation, Yarra Valley Living Centre


2009  Fine Arts Diploma - Certificate 4 Hunter St Tafe


2009  4-Day Advanced Training with Dr Russ Harris,

ACT, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Newcastle


2009 Mindfulness-integrated Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Bruno Cayoun, PsyD

Four Day Workshop, Hunter Institute of Mental Health, Newcastle


2009  Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction in Mind-Body Medicine 7-Day                                          Professional Training Retreat with Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn & Dr Saki F.                           Santorelli, Collaroy, Sydney


2010- Current - 2020  Senior Meditation Teacher - Meditation Australia

Therapeutic & Personal Development, Membership No 1039

2010-2014  Associate Member, Complementary Therapists, Membership No 2304082034


2010-Current - 2020 Openground Associate,


2011 Intensive Practicum Training in MBSR/CT, 7-day retreat, with Dr Maura Kenny and Timothea Goddard, Sydney


2012 - Current - 2020 Relax & Renew Trainer, 22 hours of study, Judith Hanson Lasater, Ph.D., PT,


2013 - Current - 2020 Senior Teacher /Level 3 Member, Yoga Australia, PROVIDER NUMBER -  3352      


2015-Mindfulness Training Institute Australasia-MBI Supervision/MBI-TAC Training Weekend     

2019 - 20 hours of Pranayama Teacher Training with Dr Gaurav Malik - Ashtak Yoga School

Certificate No 201908SYD30

2019 -  Current - 2020 Registered MBSR Teacher - Mindfulness Training Institute, Australia & New Zealand

2019 - Current - 2020 Registered Yoga Mentor - Yoga Australia 

Teaching Experience

2020 Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction - Public Course, co-facilitating with Dr Jennie Broughton, Newcastle

2020 40 Days to Less Stress - Online Course with audio responses - Insight Timer

2020 Moving into Stillness, Mindfulness-based Yoga  & meditation classes, 1/week, Wickham

2020 Private Practice - 1:1 Consultations - MBSR 8 Wk Intervention, Newcastle

2019 Private Practice - 1:1 Consultations - MBSR 8 Wk Intervention, Newcastle

2019 Led Yoga Practices with Jill Sheperd, 1 day Insight Meditation Workshop, Newcastle

2019 Moving into Stillness, Mindfulness-based Yoga  & meditation classes, 2/week, Wickham

2018  Retreat Rest & Renew, Facilitated 4 day Mindfulness & Yoga Retreat at Kincumber, Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga,  Mindfulness Meditation & Nobel Silence

2018 Led Yoga Practices with Jill Sheperd,  1.5 day Insight Dialogue  Workshop, Newcastle

2018 Led Yoga Practices with Jill Sheperd,  1 day  Insight Meditation Workshop, Newcastle

2018 MBSR Facilitator Term 1 & 4;  8 week Mindfulness Course & Day of Mindfulness, Newcastle

2018 Private Consultations; MBSR ( 8 week course) & developing home practice, Yoga & Mindfulness, Newcastle

2108 Moving into Stillness, Mindfulness-based Yoga & Meditation classes, 2 classes/ week

2017  Retreat Rest & Renew, Facilitated 4 day Mindfulness & Yoga Retreat at Kincumber, Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga,  Mindfulness Meditation & Nobel Silence

2017 Led Yoga Practices with Jill Sheperd, 1.5 day Insight Dialogue Workshop, Newcastle

2017 Led Yoga Practices with Jill Sheperd, 1 day Insight Meditation Workshop, Newcastle

2017  Led Yoga Practices with Jill Sheperd, 2 day Insight Meditation Retreat, befriending our mind, Newcastle

2017 Moving into Stillness, Mindfulness-based Yoga & Meditation classes, 4 classes/ week

2017 Private Consultations; MBSR ( 8 week course) & developing home practice, Yoga & Mindfulness, Newcastle

2017 MBSR Facilitator Term 1 & 4;  8 week mindfulness course & Day of Mindfulness, Newcastle

2016, Corporate Yoga, Hunter Valley

2016 Led Yoga Practices with Jill Sheperd-Insight Meditation Retreat, 2 day, Practices to develop kindness, compassion, joy & equanimity, Newcastle

2016 Led Yoga Practices with Jill Sheperd-Insight Dialogue Workshop, Newcastle, 2 Day

2016 Led Yoga Practices with Jill Sheperd-Insight Meditation Beginners Workshop, 1 Day

2016 Return to Center,  Embracing Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation, Newcastle

2016 Return to Center, Summer Yoga Workshop, Yoga & Mindfulness, Niseko, Hokkaido, Japan

2016 Corporate Yoga, Sparke Helmore, Newcastle

2016 Private Consultations, Yoga & Mindfulness, Newcastle

2016 Moving Into Stillness, Mindfulness-based Yoga & meditation classes, 4 classes a week

2016 Retreat, Rest & Renew, Kincumber, Led 4 day Mindfulness Yoga Retreat, Kincumber, NSW

2016 Led Yoga Practices with Jill Sheperd- Insight Meditation Two-day workshop, Newcastle

2016 MBSR Facilitator, Term 1 & 4; 8 week course & Day of Mindfulness, Newcastle

2016 Retreat Rest & Renew, Taught 4 day Mindfulness Yoga retreat at Kincumber, Yoga, Restorative Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation, Silence & Walking Meditation

2015 Distance Education - MBSR 8 week course via Skype

2015 Yoga & Mindfulness for Self-care,  led practices for Yoga teachers  - Bodhi Tree Yoga & Retreat Centre, Siem Reap

2015 Led Yoga ,  NGO school in Siem Reap,  Cambodian Schools of Hope Program

2015 Led Yoga practices, 3 Day Insight meditation & Insight Dialogue Retreat, Jill Sheperd, Newcastle

2015 Retreat, Rest & Renew, 4 day retreat, The Heart of Yoga & Mindfulness; Kincumber

2015 Led Yoga practices, 2 Day Insight Meditation non-residential Retreat, Jill Sheperd, Newcastle

2015 Led Yoga practices, 6 day Insight Dialogue Residential Retreat, with Gregory Kramer, Mary Burns & Jill Sheperd, Intoxicants & Perfections: The Challenge & Potential of Being Human, Kincumber

2015 Private Consultations, Yoga & Mindfulness, Newcastle

2015 Mindfulness-based Restorative Yoga 8 week course, Term 1 & 2 Newcastle MBRY

2015 MBSR, Term 1 & 4, & 1:1 8 week course, Newcastle

2015 Moving Into Stillness, 4 yoga classes a week, Mindfulness based Yoga & Meditation, Newcastle

2014 Led mindfulness-meditation, Grand Rounds, Mater Hospital, 'What is happening to our Youth?

Sturm und Drang & Adolescent Crisis, Newcastle

2014 Return to Center, Embracing Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation, 2-day silence retreat, exploring the attitudes of mindfulness, non-judgment, patience, non-striving, curiosity & letting be, Newcastle

2014 Corporate Yoga, Sparke Helmore, Term 2, 9 yoga sessions

2014 Mindfulness based Yoga & Meditation, Teacher in-service, Wallsend Public School

2014 Nourish Retreat, 3-day residential weekend, taught restorative yoga & meditation, facilitated with Karen Fry, Nourish Nutrition, Noonaweena, Kulnara, NSW

2014 MBSR for Carers NSW, Term 2 & 3, 8-week Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction course

2014 Openground Teachers Retreat, Mittagong, NSW Lead practices yoga & restorative yoga

2014 Yoga sessions, Awakening the Wholesome, Insight Dialogue Retreat, with Mary Burns and Sharon Beckman - Brindley,  Newcastle

2014 Private MBSR & MBSR 8-week courses Term 1 & 4, Newcastle

2014 Private Yoga 1:1, Moving Into Stillness, 4 drop in classes/wk, Newcastle

2013 Coming to our Senses, An Exploration of Yoga, Mindfulness & Nature, 2 day retreat, tasting mindfulness through lying down meditation, sitting meditation, standing meditation, walking meditation & nurturing yoga

2013 Return to Center, Embracing Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation, 2-day silence retreat, exploring the attitudes of mindfulness, non-judgment, patience, non-striving, curiosity & letting be, Newcastle

2013 Private Yoga 1:1, Moving Into Stillness, 4 drop in classes/wk, Newcastle

2013 Private MBSR & MBSR 8-week courses Term 1 & 4, Newcastle

2011-2017 Private Yoga Consultations 1:1

2011-2107 Private MBSR session’s 1:1, 8-week course

2009-2017 Moving Into Stillness, Mindfulness-based yoga & meditation drop in classes, Newcastle

2010 Mindfulness-Based Yoga & Meditation, 8 week course staff Newcastle East Primary School

2010-2017 Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, 8-week courses, Newcastle

2007-2010 Presenter for Hunter Institute of Mental Health, Gawler 8 week course, Mindfulness-based Stillness Meditation & Mindful Yoga Mindful Life

2007-2016 Corporate Yoga, Sparke Helmore Law Firm & Australian Tax Office, Newcastle

2007 Meditation for Doctors, 8-week course, James Fletcher Hospital

2006 Yoga for Teachers, Hunter Valley Grammar & St. Therese’s Primary Catholic School

2004-2010 Golden Door Health Retreat, ‘Elysia’ Pokolbin, teaching yoga & meditation classes & privates

2004-2009 Ashtanga Yoga Newcastle, Yoga Teacher for led primary series, beginners & Mysore style

2004 Yoga for Sport, St Pias & Francis Xavier Catholic Secondary Schools


Yoga & Mindfulness Experience, Workshops, Training & Retreats

2020 Wisdom of the Body Summit - Sounsdtrue Online Summit 

2020 Office Hours - Monthly - Judith Hanson Laster & Lizzie Lasater, Yoga, Pranayama, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Philosophy & Non Violent Communication

2020 Peer Supervision, Rob Wainright, Clinical Psychologist, Newcastle

2020 Yoga Retreat, 4 Days - Hatha Yoga & Ayurvedic Massage Hangnaameedhoo Island, Maldives

2020 Self Yoga Retreat, Pranayama, Asana & Mindfulness - Fujairah, Arab Emirates

2019 Pranayama Yoga Teacher Training, 20 Hours - Gaurav Malik, Yoga Loft, Newcastle

2019 Peer Supervision, Dr Jennie Broughton, MBSR 

2019 Yoga Classes, Karen Nichols, Newcastle

2019 Iyengar Yoga Classes - Harriet Ferguson & Amanda Hood, Newcastle

2019 Half Day Yoga Retreat, Viparta, Power of Inversions, Shifting Perspective, Listening to theHeart's Intelligence. Geraldine Coren, Hamilton, Newcastle

2019  8 Day Residential  Yoga Retreat, Dr Amanda Bowen & Jo Crowder. Yin Yang, 5 elements, Pranayama, Walking Meditation, Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga & Guided Meditation Santorini, Cyclades, Greece.

2019 Yoga Shala, Anapnoe Yoga, Paros, Greece. Irana Ji An Fourouli, 5 days of yoga; Pranayama & Joint Cleansing, Solar Vinyasa, Hatha Flow, Transformational Hatha, Meditation & Yin Rasa Yoga

2019 3 Day Hatha Yoga Retreat, 9 Huts, Kudat, Sabah, Borneo

2019 Insight Meditation, Breath Meditation, Yoga  & Meditation Classes, Chill, Chicago, IL, USA

2019 Iyengar Yoga Classes - Hamilton Iyengar Yoga School, Newcastle

2019 Ashtanga Yoga - Led Practice - Earthie Studio, Newcastle

2019 Ashtanga Yoga - Mysore Practice, Ashtanga Yoga Research Center Bali, Mysore  Style with Iain Grysak, Ubud Bali & Ashtanga Yoga Bali Mysore Practice, Ubud Bali.

2019 Power of Now Oasis, Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga  & Restorative Yoga, Sanur, Bali

2019 Private Yoga Session 1:1 - Sideman, Bali

2018 Peer Supervision, Kathryn Molloy, Occupational Therapist, Counsellor, Trained in EMDR, MiCBT, CBT & Primary Care Counsellor, Aukland NZ

2018 Yoga Class - Vinyasa Flow , Shannon Phillips,  Ashram Yoga, Parnell, Aukland NZ

2018 Peer Supervision, Rob Wainright, Clinical Psychologist, Newcastle

2018 Anatomy Workshop with Maria Kirsten, autonomic nervous system, physiology of breathing, anatomy & kinesiology of the spine, hips & shoulders, anatomy based injury prevention for knees, neck & lower back.  10 hours, Yoga Loft Newcastle

2018 The Healing Trauma Summit, Online, Sounds True, Peter Levine. Somatic Experiencing: Healing Trauma Through the Wisdom of the Body. Gabor Mate: Addressing the Long-Term Effects of Childhood Trauma.

2018 Hatha Yoga,  Yin / Restorative Yoga, Phuket Thailand, Kendo Dechabenjarat

2018 Newcastle Teachers Meeting, The Emotional & Cognitive Benefits of Chanting Mantras,  half day workshop, Newcastle

2018 Exploring Classical Yoga, 4 Day Yoga Retreat, Mangrove Mountain Ashram, Yoga for Mental wellbeing, Branches of Yoga, Integrated Yoga, Invigorate Yoga, Meditation on  OM

2018 Peer Supervision, Megan Layton, Simple Mindful, Canberra, Trauma & MBSR

2018 Peer Supervision with Ben Engal, Border Mindfulness, Openground Associate,16 weeks

2018 Office Hours - Online - Judith Lasater Hanson & Lizzie Lasater - Sunday Savanasa Series, Passion for Practice, Conflict in Yoga,  The Shadow Side of Yoga, 

2017 Iyengar Yoga Classes with David Morley, Novocastrian School of Yoga

2017 Jill Sheperd Half Day Insight Meditation Retreat, maintaining a regular meditation practice,  Newcastle

2017 Jill Sheperd Half Day Insight Dialogue Meditation Retreat, six guidelines and wise speech, Newcastle

2017 Participant/Observer - MBSR 8 wk course with Dr Jennie Broughton & Hannah Perkins

2017 Half Day of Silent Practice- Insight Meditation & Yoga - Donna Lavell, Newcastle

2017 Aura - Led Mindfulness based-Yoga & Meditation Practices (App)

2017 Rising Strong as a Spiritual Practice, Brene Brown, Soundstrue 

2017 Peer Supervision with Suzie Brown, Feed The Parent, Insight Meditation Teacher, Melbourne

2017 Peer Supervision with Ben Engal, Border Mindfulness, Openground Associate,16 weeks

2017 Insight Dialogue Practice & Study Group, fortnightly practice group. Four Noble Truths; Interpersonal Suffering, Hunger,  Cessation & The 8 Fold Path. Text; Insight Dialogue, The Interpersonal Path to Freedom, Gregory Kramer, Newcastle

2017 Wippa Yoga, Toy Wippa, Fly Yoga, Mae Tang, Thailand

2017 Wat Phra Singh, WatSaen Fang, Pratu Tha Phae, Chiang Mai, Thailand

2017 Wat Tham Pha Plong, Chiang Dao, Thailand

2017 Forrest Monestery, Mae Tang, Thailand

2017 Alms Giving Ceremony, Buddhist Monks Luang Prabang, Laos

2017 Hatha Yoga Class Luang Prabang,  with Khoun, Utopia, Laos

2017 Yoga Classes& Private Yoga Consultations with Karen Nichols, Newcastle

2016 "The Four Great Tasks" Rethinking the Dharma for a Secular Age, an Online Course with Stephen  Batchelor,  Realize Media

2016 Insight Yoga: Introduction to Meridians, Mindfulness & Yin Yoga Postures with Sarah Powers, Online 4 week course, Realize Media. An integration of yoga postures & Bhuddhadharma, along with with understandings from Chinese medicine. 

2016 Melbourne Yoga Shala, Led Ashtanga Practice with Jean Campbell, Melbourne

2016 Meditation Summit,  Joseph Goldstein, Rick Hanson, Thich Nhat Hahn, Saki Santorelli, Pema Chodron, Kyodo Williams, Richard C. Miller, Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield - Online Training, Soundstrue

2016 The Power of Meditation, with Jack Kornfield, Thich Nhat Hanh, Sharon Salzberg, Jon Kabat-Zinn & Reggie Ray Online Training, Soundstrue

2016 Mindfulness Daily, with Jack Kornfield & Tara Brach, Online Training, Soundstrue

2016 Astanga Led Practice with Tsutomu Yonashiro, Hirafu, Hakkaido, Japan

2016 Weekend Yoga Retreat, Karen Nichols, Wangat Lodge, Dungog

2016 Online Retreat with Martine Batchelor- Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation in Daily Life

2016 Mindfulness- based  Interventions (MBI) Peer Supervision Group, Hunter Region

2016 Private Yoga Consultations with Karen Nichols & ongoing yoga classes

2016 Insight Dialogue,  fortnightly practice group, continuation of the Paramis, Newcastle 

2016 The Power of Awareness - Jack Kornfield & Tara Brach - A - 7 week online Mindfulness Training to Cultivate Clarity, Compassion & Well-Being , inclusive of group mentoring with Barbara Newell to share the ongoing practice 

2016 Dharma Talk with Buddhist Monk- Wat Preah Inkosei, Siem Reap, Cambodia

2016 Yoga & Meditation Classes, Siem Reap, Cambodia, Kundalini Yoga, Hatha & Restorative

2015 Mindfulness Summit, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Mark Williams, Rick Hanson, Tara Brach, Vidyamala Burch

2015 Peer Supervision, MBSR Term 1 & 4 -  Ben Engal, Openground Associate, Albury

2015 Insight Meditation fortnightly practice group - The Parami, Ways to Cross Life's Flood- Ajahn Sucitto - Generosity, Morality, Renunciation, Energy, Wisdom, Patience, Truthfulness & Resolve, Newcastle 

2015 Private Yoga Consultation with Karen Nichols, Core stability, pranayama, posture & sequencing

2015 Yoga & meditation classes, Siem Reap, Cambodia - Kundalini, Vinyasa, Meditation &  Chanting

2015 Weekend Metta Retreat, Jill Sheperd, BMIMC, Blue Mountains

2015 Yin Yoga, Zenith Yoga Studio, Hanoi, Vietnam

2015 Day of Mindfulness, The Sit In Sangha & Monastic Community (5 Mindfulness Trainings)

2015 Openground Associates Teacher Training Weekend, Pymble

2015 Private Yoga Session with Louisa Seer, Yoga Arts Bali, Pranayama, Yoga sequencing for menopause, core stability, joint strength & meditation  

2015 Yoga classes Bali, Sanur, Ubud, Amed & Gili Trawagan, Kirtan with Punnu Singh Wasu

2015 Cari Havican, Anam Yoga, Sutra 2:46 & 2:47, Rejuvenation Workshop Newcastle

2015 Peer Supervision MBSR, Ben Engel, Albury, 8 sessions, Border Mindfulness

2015 Yoga classes, Karen Nichols, Newcastle 

2014 Cari Havican, Anam Yoga, Platform of Reflection, Sutra 2:27, Rejuvenation WS, Newcastle

2014  Judith Hanson Lasater, learning how to go deeper in our yoga practice,” One True Thing". Four -day workshop, Sydney

2014  Insight Dialogue, Practice group, fortnightly, Newcastle

2014  Yoga classes, Karen Nichols, Newcastle

2014  In the Sit, Thich Nhat Hanh Sagha, Newcastle

2014  Psychotherapy, Gemma Summers, Term 2 & 3,

2014  Peer Supervison Term 2 & 3, Ben Engal, Albury, NSW

2014  Openground Associates Teacher Training, weekend, Mittagong, 

2014  Cari Havican, Anam Yoga, Yoga Sutra 2.27, & Rejuvenation Workshop

2014  Cari Havican, Anam Yoga, A Platform pf Reflection – Ganesh Mohan – Model 7 of Yoga Therapy Training, Rejuvenation Workshop, yoga philosophy, pranayama & meditation

2014  Peer Supervision, MBSR, Ben Engel, Albury, 8 sessions

2014  Supervision for MBSR Term 2, 8-week course, 7 sessions, Gemma Summers PhD, Counselling, Coaching, Psychotherapy, Supervision & Consulting. Lilyfield

2014  Satsang, New Living Yoga, Apas-Water & Akasha – Ether Space

2014  Day of Mindfulness- Joyfully Together, with the Sisters Of Nhap Luu, Plum Village Australia

2014  Cari Havican, Anam Yoga, 1:1 Private Yoga, self practice; asana, pranayama & meditation

Yoga Philosophy, Sutra. 2.54 & Rejuvenation Workshop

2013  Cari Havican, Anam Yoga, 1:1 Private Yoga, self practice; asana, pranayama & meditation

Yoga Philosophy, Sutra.1.30, 1.31& 1.32 & Rejuvenation Workshop, Anam Yoga, Cari Havican

2013  Swami Kriyatma Director of Education, Satyananda Yoga Academy, Australia, New Living Yoga, Newcastle 2 x 2 hour yoga session core strength & pranayama

2013  Cari Havican, Anam Yoga, 1:1 Private Yoga, self practice; asana, pranayama & meditation

Yoga Philosophy, Sutra.2.16 & Rejuvenation Workshop, Anam Yoga, Cari Havican

2013 Donna Farhi, The Heart Aroused, 5 day intensive, Sydney Reconnecting with our inner wilderness   territory; using the practice of Yoga to bring clarity & courage to the journey. A special emphasis of this intensive will be on learning to open to our personal experience of heart-felt-ness – in the physical body as well as energetically, emotionally, & spiritually. A special feature of this intensive will be an anatomical exploration of the heart, lungs and chest, using the truth of our anatomy and kinetic imagery as a means to have a direct experience of this often unexplored inner territory.  We will also investigate finding a cohesive relationship between the anchoring ballast of the pelvis and the buoyant levity of the chest.  As we find this physical balance we create a stable foundation from which to stretch & expand into new dimensions in our life.

2013 AG & Indra Mohan, 3 day workshop, Sydney, The Essence of Practice: Asana, Pranayama,       & Chanting • The role of asana in the path of Yoga – asana & vinyasa, asana & tapas, asana & 3 kramas • The role of pranayama in the path of Yoga • The role of sound & Vedic chanting in the path of Yoga for Mental Health - essential Yoga understanding of the mind & emotional wellbeing Yoga for Women

2013 The Convergence of MBSR & Insight Meditation, Wilton, 6 day silence Retreat, Bob Stahl &  Michael Dash

2013 The Power of Self-Compassion, Dr Kristen Neff, 2 day workshop, Sydney, NSW

2013 Openground Associates Teacher Training, weekend, Mittagong, NSW

2013 Yoga Philosophy, Sutra. 2.15 & Rejuvenation Workshop, Anam Yoga, Cari Havican

2013 Cari Havican, Anam Yoga, 1:1 Private Yoga, self practice; asana, pranayama & meditation

2013 Yoga Philosophy, Sutra.1.17 & Rejuvenation Workshop, Anam Yoga, Cari Havican

2013 Patrick Kearney & co-taught with Kit Laughlin, Govinda Valley, Otford, The Four Postures – A seven day satipatthana retreat, exploring the four postures of moving, standing, sitting & lying down. Patrick will explore the Buddha’s teachings on mindfulness (sati) and its applications (satipatthana). Kit will lead two exercise periods daily, along with instruction on the four postures. These practices are designed to cultivate an intimacy with the body, & an exploration in the body’s role in the path to awakening. As the retreat matures, the emphasis will turn toward independent practice

2013  Sogyal Rinpoche Retreat, Ten-day retreat, The Direct Path to Awakening: Experiencing the Profound Peace & Natural Simplicity of Our True Nature through Meditation & Compassion

2012 Experiential Mindfulness, Hakomi Therapy, 6 sessions, Susan Smith

2012 Supervision, 4 sessions, Diana Kamila, CFM, UMASS, Term 4, MBSR

2012 Supervision, 8 sessions, Timothea Goddard, Term 4, MBSR

2012 Guest Presenter, Women for Women Forum, Mindful Yoga, Newcastle

2012 Yoga Philosophy, s.2.7 & 2.8 & Rejuvenation Workshop, Anam Yoga, Cari Havican

2012 Swami Kriyatma, Director of Education, Satyananda Yoga Academy, Australia, Invitation yoga sessions, New Living Yoga, Newcastle 3 x 2 hour yoga sessions, core strength and pranayama

2012 Peer Supervision, 4 sessions, Dr Jenny Broughton, Newcastle Term, MBSR

2012 Yoga Philosophy, s.2.6 & Rejuvenation Workshop, Anam Yoga, Cari Havican, Warner’s Bay

2012 Donna Farhi, Centering Down, 4-day yoga intensive, Naval Radiation, Core Stabilisation & The Supportive Psoas, Sydney

2012 Judith Hanson Lasater, Relax and Renew, 4 day intensive, Relax & Renew, Learning to Teach Restorative Yoga, (Level 1) Sydney

2012 Light on Liberation, Dharma Facilitators Program, 7-day retreat, Rhada Nicholson & William James, Insight Meditation, Byron Bay

2012 Yoga Philosophy, Sutra 2.5, Removing Obstacles to Clear Perception & Rejuvenation Workshop, Anam Yoga, Cari Havican, Warner’s Bay

2012 Faldenkrais Method, Awareness Through Movement Classes, Georgi Laney, Newcastle

2012  Child & Adolescent Mental Health Forum, Day Forum, Newcastle

2012  Openground Associates Teacher Training, weekend, Mittagong

2012   Cari Havican, Anam Yoga, 1:1 Private Yoga, self practice; asana, pranayama & meditation

2012   Cari Havican, Anam Yoga, Yoga Philosophy & Rejuvenation, half day workshop, Warner’s Bay

2012   Mind Body Mastery Team, an integrated online wellness program, Dr Ian Gawler & Saurabh        

Mishra; Ask the expert, email & webcam support

2012 Bodhi Festival, 2 days, Newcastle, workshops with, Michael De Manicor, Advanced Yoga Practice for everyone - developing a personal practice; Mark Breadner, Dynamic Flexibility – creating the flow states, Mother Maya, World Peace Leader, Darshan & Vedic Chanting & Deva Premal & Miten, Dave Stringer & Jai Uttai, (Kirtan)

2012 Supervision, UMASS, 4 sessions, Diana Kamila, Term 1, MBSR

2012 Peer Supervision, 4 sessions, Rob Wainright & Dr Jenny Broughton, Newcastle, Term 1, MBSR

2012 Supervision, Timothea Goddard Openground, Term 1, MBSR

2012 Sogyal Rinpoche Retreat, Ten-day retreat, Compassion & Wisdom, Myall Lakes

2011 Non-violent Communication, weekend training, Satyananda Yoga, Mangrove Mountain Ashram

2011 “Heart of Inquiry” Dharma Facilitators Program, 7 day retreat, insight meditation, Sangsurya, Byron Bay

2011 Cari Havican, Anam Yoga, Yoga Philosophy & Rejuvenation, half day workshop, Warner’s Bay

2011 Swami Satyadharma Saraswati, Tattwas (elements) & Chakras (energy centers), day workshop, Newcastle, New Living Yoga

2011 Peer Supervision, Mary McIntyre, MBSR Openground Associate Perth, Term 2, MBSR

2011 MBSR, 8-week course, online and weekly supervision with Timothea Goddard

2011 Openground, Day of Mindfulness, Hunters Hill, Sydney

2011 Openground Associates Teacher Training, weekend, Mittagong

2011 Dr Rick Hanson, two day experiential workshop, Sydney; Deepening Equanimity • The Neuropsychology of Inner Peace & The Neurodharma of Love and Power - Practical Tools for Empathy, Kindness, and Assertiveness

2011 MBSR course on line, with Timothea Goddard Openground, 8 week course

2011 Supervision, UMASS, 4 weeks, Diana Kamila, Term 1, of MBSR course

2011 Supervision, Openground, 8 weeks during Term 1 of MBSR course

2011 Sogyal Rinpoche Retreat, Ten-day retreat, Compassion, Death & Dying, Myall Lakes

2010-2011  Ayurvedic consultations & treatments, Mary Woolley, Anandaveda, Newcastle

2010 Peer Supervision, Bjorn Mella, MBSR Associate Maitland, 8 weeks Term 4, MBSR

2010 Supervision, UMASS, 8 weeks, Term 4, Diana Kamila MBSR course

2010 Openground, Day Long Intensive, Mindfulness Practices, Sydney

2010-2012 Private Yoga Sessions, Anam Yoga, Cari Havican, Viniyoga & Yoga Therapy,


2010 Michael de Manicor: The Ancient Secrets of Mind and Meditation, one day

Workshop, Sydney

2010 Judy Apana: 2 day retreat Facing Death Embracing Life, Rigpa Centre Newcastle, Reflect on lies journey, explore rituals, gain insight into Tibetan Buddhism & increase capacity for joy and forgiveness.

2010 Donna Farhi: 3 day workshop, Sydney – Moving from the deep naval Centre; developing energetic connections throughout the body, to establish a strong yet mobile core. Containment & Contentment; finding an easeful relationship between the inner contents of the chest and outer musculoskeletal container. Moving outside the square; Twists, sidebends and spirals- safe increased range of movement

2010 Mark Robberds: 2 day workshop, Newcastle- Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga Philosophy, Ashtanga yoga workshop, posture, breath & bandha, movement, strength & grace, focusing on effortless movements between postures. Led sun salutes and standing postures, moving into Mysore style practice

2010 Donna Farhi: 3 day workshop, Sydney - Centering…Moving from the Deep naval Centre, Containment & Contentment…Exploring the Inner world of the Organ Body & Moving Outside the Square…Twists, side bends and Spirals

2010 Vipassana, International Meditation Centre, Sunshine, 10 day Silence Retreat, In the Tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin

4-Day Retreat April 2010, Anapana

4-Day Retreat Oct 2010, Anapana

2010 Dr Robert Svoboda, 3 Day Course, Ayurveda: Rasayana, Replenish our Life’s Juices, An Ayurvedic Approach to Modern Chronic Conditions & Ayurveda for Women’s Health, Sydney

2010 Donna Farhi: Cohesion: Stability as a Source of Equanimity, 5-day workshop, Sydney. Central theme of this workshop, mobilising inherently stable structures in the body such as the upper back, while strengthening vulnerable structures such as the lower back and neck to prevent injury. 

2009 Vipassana (Goenka) 10-day silence retreat, Blue Mountains

2009 Donna Farhi, 5-Day Intensive, Opening to Insight, Sydney

A special feature of this intensive, learning to perceive the state of the koshas or sheaths. Perceiving how we are on all levels of our embodiment and learning to adapt the content, structure and sequencing of our daily practice so that our Yoga  practice remains relevant to our personal needs. 

2009 The Gawler Foundation, Follow Up Meditation Weekend Retreat - Paul and Maia Bedson, The Yarra Valley

2009 Mindfulness: Can You Teach It Without Practising It? Day Workshop

Venerable Robina Courtin, Tibetan Buddhist Nun, Newcastle

2009 Spinal Integration Workshop, Five-Day Workshop, Donna Farhi, Sydney

The anatomy, kinesiology and functional movement of the spine, learning how to practice Yoga postures with greater efficiency and thus less strain on the back. Focusing intently on the correct transmission of force through the sacro-iliac joint and how to both prevent and alleviate discomfort in the lower back and pelvis.

2009 The Second International Ayurveda & Yoga Conference: 3 Days, Sydney

Yoga Sessions with Eileen Hall, Yoga Moves and Michael de Manicor

2009 Post Conference Workshop: Dr Ian Gawler, Swami Samnyasananda, Petrea King & Dr Swami Shankardev Saraswati

2009 Introduction to Tantra in everyday life, Dr Robert Svododa, Day Workshop Sydney

2009 Yoga Conference, 3 Days, Sydney: Michael de Manicor (Essential breathing techniques in asana, Pranayama & relaxation) Mark Whitwell (Advanced Practice: Breath, Asana & Bandha) Mark O’Brien (Asana as inquiry not achievement) John Ogilvie (Dynamic Vinyasa Purna Yoga) Duncan Wong (Yogic Arts: Warrior Flow) Marc St Pierre (Hips & Twists: Opening the Lower Back) Simon Borg-Olivier (Dynamic Rejuvenation & Relaxation with Yoga Synergy) Duncan Peak (Power Yoga- Align the Spine) Andrew Wells (Dru Yoga)

2009 5 Day Meditation, Insight & Drawing Retreat with Dr Ian Gawler & Dr Ruth Gawler, Gawler Foundation, Yarra Valley, Vic

2009 3-Day Retreat, Ayurveda & Yoga, Swami Shankardev, Satyananda Ashram, Mangrove Mountain

2009 1-Day Workshop, Yoga for Anxiety & Depression, Rishi Vivikenanada, New Living Yoga, Newcastle

2009 Workshop with Jean Campbell, Bandhas & Core Stability, Ashtanga Yoga Studio, Newcastle

2009 One day Vipassana meditation, Goenka Group, Newcastle

2009 3-Day Retreat, Women’s Spirituality, Satyananda Ashram, Mangrove Mountain

2008 Sadhana & Self Study, Week Retreat - Swami Muktibodhananda, Mangrove Mountain Ashram

2008 Pranic Energy & Ayurveda, Day Workshop - Dr Shankar Dev, Newcastle Living Yoga

2008 The Bodhisattva’s Way of Life: A Guide to Compassionate Living, Day Workshop - Venerable Yeshe Chodron, Newcastle Buddhist Community Service

2008 The Gawler Foundation, Meditation Weekend Retreat - Paul and Maia Bedson

The Yarra Valley

2008 Pause a Living Practice: Four-Week Course, Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation, Pranayama & Dharma - William Findlay Newcastle

2008 Judy Apana: Facing Death and Embracing Life, Weekend Spiritual Retreat Rigpa Centre, Newcastle

2008 Lawrence-Khantipalo Mills - What do I want to find and is it there anyway?

Weekend Retreat, Wat Buddha Dhamma, Wisemans Ferry

2008 The Gawler Foundation Annual Conference:  Profound Healing- Sustainable Wellbeing, Hilton on the Park, Melbourne

2008 Guest Speaker: Golden Door – Elysia Health Retreat, Mindfulness-based Stillness Meditation, Pokolbin

2007 Two Week Yoga Intensive (Dynamic Anatomy, Ayurveda, Yoga Philosophy & Adjusting) Jean Campbell, Ashtanga Yoga Studio, Newcastle

2007 Progressive Yoga Hatha Course (12 weeks) Yoga, Breathing & Meditation,

Newcastle Yoga Centre, Cooks Hill

2007 Guided Meditation, Geshe Sonam Thargye, Tibetan Monks, Town Hall, Newcastle

2007 Happiness and Compassion Speech, Dalai Lama, The Domain, Sydney

2007 Dr Ian Gawler, Talk at Town Hall, Meditation & Wellness, Newcastle

2007 Zen Meditation, Drop in class, Newcastle Aikido

2007 Nada Music Mantra, Weekend Workshop - Swami Omteertha & Jignasu, Mangrove Mountain Ashram

2007 Finding Peace, An Introduction to the Practice of Meditation, 4-week course,

Rigpa Education Programme, The Rigpa Centre, Newcastle

2007 ‘How to Meditate, Classical Meditation - Peter McDonald, Four session Newcastle

2007-2011 Meditation drop in classes

(Soygal Rinpoche) Rigpa Centre, Newcastle

2006 Weekend Yoga Workshop- Jean Campbell - Upper Body, neck, shoulders

Inversions, Ashtanga Yoga Studio, Newcastle

2006 Weekend Yoga Course - Manju Jois (Internationally renowned Ashtanga, Yoga Teacher, son of Patabi Jois, Mysore India) Traditional Ashtanga yoga practice (Primary & Second Series) Breathing & Chanting, Ashtanga Yoga Studio, Newcastle

2005 Taught at weekend Yoga Retreat, Newcastle Ashtanga Yoga Studio, Pacific Palms

2005 Weekend Yoga Workshop -Jean Campbell Breath- Core Stability & Asana   

(Postures) Ashtanga Yoga Studio Newcastle

2005 Dynamic Anatomy Workshop – Jean Campbell - Hip Joint, knees & ankles,

Yoga Studio, Newcastle

2004 Two Weekend Ashtanga Yoga Workshops @ Yoga Mat, Bondi Junction & Yoga Moves, Paddington

2004 Moving into Stillness, Weekend workshop - Rachel Hull, Yoga to Go, Sydney

2004 One week Yoga Lifestyle Course – Integrating yogic principles & practices,

Cleansing, applied awareness, devotion & meditation, Satyananda Yoga Mangrove Mountain (Ashram)

2003 Weekend silence retreat & Fire Ceremony, Rose Baudin, Main Arm

2003 Five day Silence Retreat - Clive Sheridan, Louisa Seer & Glenn Ceresoli

Yoga, Pranayama (Breathing) & Meditation, Funky Forest, Byron Bay

2003 1:1 Yoga Therapy Sessions - Libbie Nelson, Physiotherapist, Bangalow

2003 Two week Ashtanga Yoga Intensive – Jean Campbell, Ashtanga Yoga Studio, Newcastle

2003 Assisted teaching meditation- Consta Georgoussis, The Buttery, Byron

2003-2009 Meditation: Self-Practice, daily practice

2002 Attended Iyenga Yoga Classes with David Morley, Novacastrian School of Yoga

2002 Ashtanga Yoga Weekend Workshop - Manju Jois, Yoga Shala, New York

2002-2007 Attended Yoga Synergy Classes - Simon Borg Oliver, Yoga Synergy, Newtown

2001 1:1 Private Yoga Sessions (Hatha Yoga) Rajasthan, India

2000-2001  Ashtanga Yoga Practice – Led & Mysore Style, with Ian & Richard Clarke, Ashtanga Yoga Shala, Paddington, Brisbane

1998-2000 Practiced yoga in Sydney, with various yoga teachers

1993-1997 Practiced yoga in London, with various yoga teachers

1992-2009 Yoga Classes & Self-Practice

2003-2000 Attended Weekly Presentations by Guest Speakers, The Golden Door ‘Elysia’ Pokolbin: Mindfulness Practices, Happiness Handbook, Ayurveda, Motivation Diet and Exercise, Pranic Healing, Chanting and Meditation, Setting Goals to improve well being, Service to self, Why Meditate? & Intuition